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Affordable, High Quality Tax Accounts,
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On Time, On Budget, Every Time, GUARANTEED!

Doctors! Lawyers! Need tax, accounting or audit assistance? Call me on 021 469 829 or Email me on the Contact Page. You can rely on the trustworthy advice of a qualified Certified Practising Accountant. Fixed Price Agreements available ...

Headache-free Tax... You're good at what you do. You want to explode your business growth but can you honestly say that you had peace of mind last time YOU had that tax audit? Relieve that headache now and discover not just the pain relief, but the insurance a good tax accountant can provide you ... ... and discover how we can give you that magic insurance at an extremely affordable price and move your business onto awesome heights you never dreamed of!

Don't even think about approaching another tax accountant until you get your free report (worth $300) on what to look out for and what mistakes to avoid. We differ from countless other accountants. We don't believe in flogging you with "accounting bill after accounting bill" like they do. We have the specialist technology & knowledge to handle that New Zealand tax headache for you ... eliminating that stress and adding extra hours to your business effectiveness. So if you want to be sure you can move onto the next step in your business or practice without worrying about your taxes, talk to David Turner.

At DJ Turner & Associates…we put people first, because committed business associations succeed. We have been specialist accountants to the professions since 1992. In particular: -




So, why should you come to us? We'll give you five magic reasons: -

  1. 1. A full range of services - A Certified Practising Accountant with the systems, templates, checklists & knowledge accumulated with over 20 years' experience in the CA industry to meet your accounting and taxation needs and able to help you develop your business. Our dedicated team can give you all the help you need.
  2. Accurate, reliable information - Close to New Zealand's seat of power Parliament, our experienced and qualified team will give you the right information that you can understand for your important business decisions when you need it.
  3. Advice you can trust - Being members of New Zealand's Institute of Accountants and bound by professional ethics we are honest, up-front and dedicated to helping you. We will listen, give you practical advice and answer your questions in confidence.
  4. Innovative solutions - We will look at your business or practice, your team and your customers to help you succeed and maximise your profitability. For example, apply just one of the little known secrets of accounting software such as MYOB and save 5 - 7 frustrating hours a month reconciling your bank account.
    This is time You/Your staff could be focusing on other areas of your business. (The risk of Inland Revenue Department Audit errors will reduce - saving you money; you'll know exactly where you stand more frequently because your accounts will be generated faster; you won't suffer the inconsistencies of bookkeeping staff who come and go; your business will pull ahead as you gain income and your competitors' jaws will drop as your business gains value and market share!). Our business development programme is GUARANTEED to improve your business or you don't pay.
  5. Fixed Annual Fee Agreements - No two businesses have the same needs. We will focus on your needs, your deadlines, your budget and help you achieve your goals - so when it comes to how we plan your financial future together, you will have access to the very best value for money using over 20 years' local experience in the trenches servicing small to medium sized businesses just like yours.